Meet Our Swansea Bay MVP Team

Core Leadership Team: 

MVP Chair - Lisa Boat 

MVP Vice Chair - Beck Robinson

The MVP Board

The Swansea Bay Maternity Voices Partnership is overseen by the SBMVP Board. Its key remit is:

The Board will meet 4 times a year and receive updates via email in between meetings

Lisa Boat

(MVP Chair)

As a mother of three I am immeasurably passionate about the critical role of maternity services for the welfare of the mother and for shaping the child’s future, providing each child with the best start possible. As Chair, I am privileged to help champion and drive co-production in quality improvement across maternity services.

Beck Robinson

(MVP Vice Chair)

I became a mum right at the start of the pandemic in spring 2020.  The support our family received in and outside of Swansea Bay maternity services was critical in helping us navigate through and make adjustments to our birthing plans and preferences. 

It was intense, but ultimately treasured as a very positive experience – something I know for many reasons isn’t always the case.

I have a background in psychology, health and social care research, project management & business, and I am thrilled to be able to feed into the future of our maternity services with you as your Vice Chair


(MVP Service User Rep 1)


(MVP Service User Rep 2)


(MVP Service User Rep 3)


(MVP Service User Rep 4?)

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Vicky Owens

(Consultant Midwife)


(Head of Midwifery)

Victoria Davies

(Swansea Bay Community Health Council) 

Gary Mahoney 

(Early Years Programme 

Co-ordinator (Pathfinder))

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Hi my Name is Victoria Owens and I am privileged to be the Consultant Midwife for Swansea Bay University Health board.

As consultant Midwife I work under the 5 pillars of 

Expert advanced practice 

• Education, training and development 

• Leadership and consultancy 

• Research and evaluation 

• Strategic service development.


I am the lead professional for Midwifery led care and have a specialist interest in supporting physiological processes in pregnancy and birth and the promotion of freestanding midwifery units and home birth for many women.

I am passionate around informed choice, and know we can make a real difference to the quality of care we provide by providing the right unbiased information at the right time, to help parents to make the right decisions for them on their maternity journey.

I am delighted to have been a part of the development of the MVP for SBUHB, and believe wholeheartedly that together we can make SBUHB the best it can be, with the highest quality maternity care that is valuable to the parents that use it.


I am excited by our potential and thrilled to stand side by side with the whole MVP in their mission.


‘Think big but start small’

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I am the Patient and Public Engagement Officer at Swansea Bay Community Health Council.


Community Health Councils are the independent voice of people in Wales who use NHS services. We encourage and support people to have a voice in the design and delivery of NHS services. We are involved in the MVP to share ideas and help identify solutions for the design and improvement of maternity care services, in the Swansea Bay Health Board area.

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Hi, I am Gary Mahoney, 

I am the Early Years Co-ordinator for Pathfinder. I sit within the Early Years Programmes Team at Swansea Council. My role is to support the examination, transformation and integration of all early years services across Swansea. As such I work closely with our fantastic partners in the NHS, but also with partners across Neath Port Talbot and the voluntary sector.

I have a background in working on health promotion programmes, such as the Healthy and Sustainable Pre School Scheme. Over the past 5 years, I have also supported the positive parenting campaign, Best Start Swansea, and work on supporting the Public Service Board early years objective ‘to give every child the Best Start in life’.  I have also worked closely with the Children’s rights team in Swansea, and have developed a real passion for listening to the stories of children, and young people to help better understand how we can transform our services to suit real life lived experience. 

The Maternity Voices Partnership is a truly fantastic opportunity to listen to real life stories, and to work with people and use their experiences to shape the future of maternity services and it is privilege and an honour to be part of the board.

Gary Mahoney BA (Hons)

Madhuchanda Dey

(Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

Jamie Evans

(Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

Jo Lamb

(Health Visitor)

Helen Etheridge 

(Hospital Midwife)

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I have been a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist for the last 12 years. My special interests are high risk pregnancy, intra partum care, obstetric clinical governance and teaching and training. 

My passion is to continuously improve the care we provide to our pregnant women and I feel their views and opinions are an integral part of improving care for them. 

I strongly believe that close engagement of our women will not only help us not only to improve our services, but will also make us better clinicians and educators of the future generation of clinicians.

Being part of Maternity Voices Partnership’ has been a very enriching experience for us. It will enable us to champion the voices of women and their families in the development of maternity services in Swansea Bay UHB. 

I am very hopeful that this partnership between our service users and maternity staff will contribute significantly in improving our local maternity care.

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Hi, I'm Jamie, and I am a Consultant Neonatologist lucky enough to be working at Singleton Hospital in Swansea Bay.

I have 2 children aged 8 and 5 years and understand the importance of working in partnership with maternity services over the course of your pregnancy and beyond and being supported in the choices you make throughout this time.

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My name is Jo and I am the Lead Health Visitor for SBUHB.

My role is provide strategic direction and professional support across areas of responsibility within the Health Visiting Service. As a Service we ensure that there is a culture whereby the child, family and carers are at the centre of everything we do.

I am really pleased to have been invited to be part of the MVP for SBUHB. As a Health Board we strive to provide the best possible service to families .This will be

achieved by working in partnership with our service users and maternity colleagues.

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Hi I'm Helen,

I have worked in Singleton hospital since qualifying as a midwife in 2003. I am now the lead midwife for the Bay Birth unit and also a labour ward coordinator. 

I love both roles and they complement each other well. 

We exist to feed-in the voices of our Swansea Bay Maternity Services - those who have used maternity services in the last 5 years, and those that work within them.  

Your voice is important to us, get in touch if you'd like to join our mailing list, to hear of opportunities to contribute to the improvement of our maternity services.